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Our vacuum gutter cleaning service comes with a CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Your gutters cleaned or we'll make it right

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Casey Gutter Cleaning located in Berwick, Melbourne is Australia’s only vacuum gutter cleaning service that cleans gutters where possible from the safety of the ground. Combining a powerful industrial vacuum unit with carbon fibre poles and custom made cleaning heads together with a wireless inspection camera ensures thorough deep cleaning of any guttering and downpipes.

After many years cleaning gutters we knew there had to be a safer and smarter way to work. We saw a gap in the market where no one was taking advantage of this world leading technology, and as a result we adopted this system and since have continued to grow.

All of our services are unique in as they are all operated from the safety of the ground. This ensures you the customer is hiring a contractor who is reducing the risk of a workplace accident, together with reduced costs normally associated with working at height when cleaning gutters.

Casey Gutter Cleaning is Victoria’s only Sam4Schools™ compliant contractor. We are insured ($20M indemnity), all staff are Police Checked, certified with Working Safely at Heights and are Working with Children Checked. We operate throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

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We are Melbourne’s only vacuum gutter cleaning service that operates from the safety of the ground wherever possible, making it the number one choice for domestic and commercial customers.

Combining our powerful industrial vacuum gutter cleaning units, carbon fibre poles and recordable wireless inspection camera ensures we are able to access heights of up to 12metres and can safely access over pergolas, verandahs and fragile roofs.  Together, our equipment provides the safest and most thorough deep cleaning of gutters and downpipes ever.

Our vacuum cleaning method helps reduce the risk of workplace accidents and assists in reducing the costs normally associated with working at heights when carrying out gutter cleaning due to no expensive lifting equipment being required.

Our cleaning service is based in Berwick and operates throughout metropolitan Melbourne and caters for private homes, schools, churches, shops and all other commercial and government buildings. 

We are an accredited Sam4Schools™ compliant contractor which provides schools total peace of mind when engaging our services. We are insured ($20M indemnity), all staff are Police Checked, certified with Working Safely at Heights (RIIOHS204A), OH&S compliant, and are Working with Children Checked.

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What is Soft Washing?   

As featured on 3AW, soft washing is a low pressure, gentle, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, water saving revolution in roof and exterior cleaning.  Unlike pressure cleaning, soft washing selectively targets and kills the spores from any exterior surface that is infested with unsightly moss, mould, lichen and algae.

How It Works

Once treat the surface (e.g roof cleaning) it immediately starts to work by killing the spores of any organic growth present like moss, mould, lichen or algae.  Mother nature then takes over using the wind and rain to gently remove and flush the dead biological growth without damaging the exterior surface.  When an exterior surface has been soft washed, it will continue to self clean for 12 months and beyond keeping your home or workplace looking good.

Organic growth like spotty lichen patches and fungus growth on metal roofs erodes the protective paint surface exposing the bare roof sheets to the weather causing corrosion and premature life-span.  On tiled roofs organic growth damages mortar joints, colour coatings and creates tile movement causing potential water damage.



No bleach, non-caustic & non-acidic

Once applied continues to clean for 12 months and beyond

Guaranteed to kill spores and eliminate moss, mould, lichen and algae

No scrubbing, No waterblasting & No rinsing

Bio-degradable & Non systemic surface cleaner

Suitable for any exterior surface

Additive incorporated preventing premature re-growth


Slippery Paths

Green slippery moss present on exterior surfaces like driveways, paths and timber steps/decks makes for a dangerous environment and a major cause of accidents around your home or workplace. Call today for a slip resistant treatment that suits your needs.

Soft washing is ideal for roof cleaning, pergola roof cleaning, skylights, driveways, shade sails, canvas awnings, perspex canopies, marquees, commercial umbrellas, paving, carparks, exterior walls, gravestones, brick walls, fencing, outdoor furniture, entertainment areas, tennis courts, pool surrounds, public statues and memorials, in fact ANY exterior surface.

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The high reach dusting systems major benefit is that it operates from the safety of the ground making it a cost effective and safe method for the home, shop, school or workplace. No lifting equipment or scaffolding required saving you money.

Our ultra quiet vacuums together with carbon fibre poles and unique cleaning heads easily and safely remove all cobwebs, spiders, dust and debris. Able to access heights up to 12 metres, any internal or external walls, windows, ceilings, lights, fans, heating ducts and much more can now be cleaned safely at your home, shop, school or workplace.

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Melbourne’s only CCTV camera cleaning system that cleans from the safety of the ground saving you money. Casey Gutter Cleaning’s CCTV cleaning service caters for all indoor and outdoor dome housings including static and bullet cameras.  Cleaning from the safety of the ground reduces the OH&S risks while eliminating expensive lifting equipment costs normally associated with CCTV camera cleaning.

Our anti-static, scratch and streak free cleaning system is highly effective in providing optimised performance of all CCTV cameras exposed to low light, low sun angles, rain, polluted areas, smoke, dust and other contaminates that can impede the cameras view.

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